How to move a sofa

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If you are planning on moving a sofa with your upcoming home relocation, then you should get ready to employ a few extra hands because moving a heavy furniture is no easy task. Sofas are bulky, awkward and if not moved carefully you can injure your shoulder and back as well.

It’s always best to first determine the weight of the sofa and that can be done if you were to actually get below the sofa and lift one end some six inches in the air. By doing this, you should be able to make a decision if you need two extra helpers or more to help you move the sofa. Usually you can move a light sofa with the help of just two extra people. However if the sofa is heavy then you would need to get four or five men to help you out in order to balance off the weight.

Get rid of any items that may be on the floor on the path of moving the sofa. The last thing you want to do is trip over items or be interrupted while moving. The sofa should be wrapped with blankets before moving to ensure that it does not rip or get scratched during transit. As you wrap the sofa with the blankets ensure that you reinforce it tightly with rope just so that you would have a firmer grip on things.

You and your helpers can now proceed to lift the sofa and move it slowly as you call directions to the other guys. Take breaks when you can especially if you feel the burn on your shoulders or back. The most challenging part of your move is when you have to move the sofa through a door or down a staircase. For moving the sofa through the door, the best way would be to slide the sofa so that it is on its back and place it on a furniture dolly and get it moving. Make sure the feet of the sofa are off or else you would have to angle the sofa so that it could pass through foot by foot.

When it comes to moving the furniture downstairs, then you would also have to use your furniture dollies in this instance as well. Again you should slide the sofa in a forward position while the rest of your moving team apply pressure on the side opposite the stairs so that it would tilt slightly forward. With a slow movement get the sofa on the stairs to where it is in a laying down. If there are six of you moving the sofa, then three men can remain upstairs while three remain downstairs. For moving the sofa down a curvy staircase then you would have to stand the sofa on the arms. The next step would be to slide the sofa from one side to the next as if it is walking down the stairs. The people at the foot of the stairs have to make sure that the sofa does not slip while those on top are moving the furniture downstairs. Keep repeating the movements until the sofa is safely down the stairs.

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